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Spider-Man: Fake Red

Spider-Man: Fake Red

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All in all, this is a MUCH better Spider-Man story then the current Amazing Spider-Man run, even though this doesn't even feature the real Spider-Man much. While it doesn’t play out like he thought it would, Yu perseveres and sees the silver lining behind it, that he made a new friend and that his life is changing for the better. I liked the overall message and meaning behind the story but it was a bit basic and predictable without a lot of new things to offer. Still, with the real Spider-Man nowhere to be found, the city needs someone to save it… (simonandschuster, n,d).

It's played for humor at first, but before long Yu pleasingly discovers a previously untapped courage and determination deep inside his soul and begins to roughly succeed at being a passable imitation Spidey. One day however, he finds a well made Spider-Man outfit thrown into the trash, and decides to take it home with him to mess around with.This is a fun and interesting take on both what it means to be Spider-Man but also how inspiring a character he is. The bullies leave and Toby walks out, Yu attempts to apologize to Toby feeling guilty for not attempting to help him. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, though given some of the thematic message of ItSV, I'd say that there's some argument there for the heartfelt idea of "anyone could put on the mask and be Spider-Man, even you" applying to the nature of this release. Naturally, out of curiosity he tries it on and soon finds himself mistaken for the real deal and fumbling through action-packed rescue and/or crimefighting situations. Yu decides to show up and we see Peter is watching the livestream along with another mysterious new character.

Without the Required Secondary Powers of super-durability that come naturally to heroes like Spidey, swinging and sliding around with webs hurts when you're slamming into or dragging along hard surfaces. Incompatible Orientation: Yu has a crush on his confidant Emma, only to learn that she is a closested lesbian with a crush on one of her classmates. He idolizes Spider-Man while he rock climbs, and when he leaves the gym he likes a picture of Spider-Man on his phone.It's interesting enough, I suppose, But I'm not sure if I really loved this as a whole, especially if it's starting a whole new kid's journey into the Spiderverse. Yusuke Osawa really gave this story his all, and as a stand-alone installment in what we now can regard as a Spider-Man multiverse, I've already got a huge soft spot for it.

But when he discovers that Spider-Man is missing now he must take his place and protect the innocent. It also includes unique character designs that give Spidey’s Rogue Gallery a feel of nostalgia and a shōnen touch, a nod to Toei’s approach to Spider-Man (No, I’m not saying this has Giant Robots, but it has the same sense of wonder that we have come to love about the webhead. Fake Red gives readers that similar type of situation and wish fulfillment to Yu, who faces the pressure and expectations from his father and himself.Forceful Kiss: Screwball pulls this on Yu (while he's dressed as Spider-Man, of course) as an attention grabbing stunt for her livestream. It's worth the read and might be a new favorite of mine in regards to manga approaches to established Western superheroes.

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