Beware of Chicken 2: A Xianxia Cultivation Novel

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Beware of Chicken 2: A Xianxia Cultivation Novel

Beware of Chicken 2: A Xianxia Cultivation Novel

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Jin was full of wanting to become a powerful cultivator, a master among masters, and do whatever it is the dickbags who run this place do, which is presumably to be dicks, dickishly. This is for the people who are tired of day to day life and just want to go live on a farm somewhere, but not a real farm, because that’s a lot of work, but a magic farm. Sure, I could convert them into pills, but I was extremely suspect about all the pills these people choked back.

I wanted to figure out more and more about how the world functions and is made, which you get decent glimpses into throughout the book. New Doodles: Tigu and Zhuye, Chunky, Xian, and Quiet Liu New BOC fan made webtoon Chapter 1 New Merry Christmas! The story begins when he decides to leave the sect to become a farmer, as far away from the world of cultivators as possible. Lu Ri considered attempting to dissuade him from leaving… but he felt no tumult in the boy's paltry Qi.He was the first in over three hundred years to use such courtesies, and had even provided the sum that was his recompense to the sect for taking him in, as outlined in the proper documents. Add finding a fine lady to love and appreciative neighbors and I was all-in before I was even halfway through the novel. Just wanted to point out one more thing i don't know for sure because i don't keep up with the author's notes to readers all the time, but the story does kinda hint at harem, i don't know if the author has explicitly said harem isn't a thing or if it is but i know some people are turned off from the harem genre in story and so i wished for you to know. Jin was actually fairly good at saving: He had been saving to purchase a few spiritual pills, after picking up so many extra chores. The story is a decent twist on the genre (a cultivator works as a farmer, while his farm animals go through the usual Xianxia storyline), but the execution is not good.

Perhaps having read a few more classical and cliche counterparts would have given me some context to view the book in a different light, but I must now play the hand I've been dealt. The series is still running strong, with multiple updates weekly, currently in "book 3," and I made the mistake of checking the author's Patreon and questioning my life over how much he gets monthly from supporters right now. Indeed, Jin Rou was not powerful, but he was diligent, and always willing to tend to the less desirable tasks around the sect.While it started as a usual isekai of someone’s soul getting trapped in someone else’s body (there was room, that person had just died), it turned into an amusing parody/send up of the genre. In xianxia novels, this is where the protagonist would immediately identify the plant, spouting that it was some rare so and so root of six elixirs or something, but quite frankly, I had no fucking clue what it was. The first couple of chapters of Beware of Chicken were a little rough for me, because it's not geared towards xianxia cultivation isekai newcomers.

It is a casual cultivation story where the main character, Jin, rejects his society's vision of what it means to be a cultivator and go live a quiet life on a farm with his animals. Recent threadmarks Jim and Rou - A Branch from a Twisted Tree (or Jin as a Ring Grampa AU Omake) New The Aftermath: Zang Sheng New Jin's Isekai adventure: One Piece New Q=V/Tea Omake FSNX BOC part 2 Omake: (F/SN x BoC) Dark Timeline Meiling prompt for meetin the Fa Ram crew.One where you grow delicious magic food that sells for a lot so you never have to worry about money. In all honesty, him being crushed by one of the inner disciples looking for someone to "practise" with was a forgone conclusion, even with the age difference. Recent threadmarks v4c75: To Home New v4c74: To the North New v4c73: Place of Defeat New v4c72: Relfections and One Last Task New v4c71: Dark Heart New v4c70. Dear old Jin was essentially a servant right now anyway, and had to do every task that the other people offloaded onto him, while harboring vengeance and hate and angst.

The MC is not some weak willed stupid feminist ideology twit that seems to be popular in a lot of books now days) +1 for Strong smart male character.It just did everything right add to the fact that Travis Baldree is the narrator and it just can't get better. I'd have to go to the town Archive at some point, but considering it was here, it probably wasn't very rare or important. Similar I magine to how most youths today respond to any talk of faith or mythology as having any semblance of value to be an apt comparison to maybe resonate with whomever reads this. I felt at first like it was going to be a 3-star read (perfectly acceptable by my standards), but it grew into 4 stars, and then 5 (and then down to 4 again after a cooling-off period), progressing like the progression fantasy it is. Most characters are friendly to Jin and to each other, and want to help him, and are nice, and I have just walked this cursed planet without the slightest inkling of a clue how much I needed something like this in my life!

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