Splatoon Callie amiibo (Nintendo Wii U/Nintendo 3DS)

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Splatoon Callie amiibo (Nintendo Wii U/Nintendo 3DS)

Splatoon Callie amiibo (Nintendo Wii U/Nintendo 3DS)

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Like in Breath of the Wild, each Splatoon Amiibo can be scanned in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom once a day for various in-game items. Splatoon amiibo of the first two waves can be tapped in Hey! Pikmin to receieve various rewards. When tapped on the area selection screen, the amiibo will appear in-game on top of a Secret Spot level. Entering the amiibo's level will allow the player to collect it for Sparklium, and an entry in the amiibo Log. When any other amiibo is scanned, including Splatoon series amiibo from waves 3 and beyond, a small amount of Sparklium will be granted instead. Just head over to the amiibo stand in Splatsville (almost directly behind where you spawn upon starting the game) and follow the on-screen instructions to scan your amiibo proper. Squid Squad ( Ichiya• Nami• Quinn• Murasaki)• Chirpy Chips ( Harmony)• Hightide Era• Squid Sisters ( Callie• Marie)• Turquoise October• DJ Octavio• DJ Lee Fish• Bob Dub

Cap'n Cuttlefish's Theme• The Crater• Crater Eighters Routine• Mission Clear! (The Crater)• I'm Octavio (F34RME Remix)• Meeting the New Squidbeak Splatoon• Sandcastles• Sudden Depth• Two Shadows in the Sun• Dead Sea• Whirlpool Tune• Hyper Diver• Alterna Shimin Program M-01: Standard Course (Asagiri no Kaigansen)• Alterna Shimin Program M-02: Challenge Course (Yūgure no Ofushoa)• Nine Out of Tension• Underwater Neon• Flop to It• Smoke and Mirrors• Ride or Fry• With Flying Colors• Seep & Destroy• Marine Machines• #35 caught• Don't Flinch• Octoling Rendezvous• Mission Complete! (Alterna)• Deep Cut's Theme• Surprise and Shine• Treasure Obtained• In Filtration• Hide and Sleek• Smeared Canvas• Bear with Me• Calamari Inkantation 3MIX• Kyodai na Kedama• Wave Goodbye• Alterna Shimin Program M-??: mY dEAR Holding up on causes the costume to do a unique pose. The Inkling Girl and Boy pull up a Splat Charger or a Splattershot, respectively, and play the voice clips from their respective "booyah" signal. The Inkling Squid changes into the humanoid form, which is a dark-skinned Inkling boy with a Splat Roller, the Studio Headphones, the White Layered LS, and what appears to be the Hunter Hi-Tops, while the male "booyah" signal is played. Callie and Marie do their "Stay Fresh!" poses and voice clips from Inkopolis News.In Kirby Star Allies, the Splatoon amiibo are compatible, where they can be scanned in during a stage and give items such as healing items and Picture Pieces. During the Splatoon 3 Direct on 10 August 2022, a new set of amiibo were announced, although, unlike other opening waves, these were not available at launch. The Inkling (Yellow), Octoling (Blue), and Smallfry amiibo were eventually released on 11 November 2022. In her squid form, as seen in Super Mario Maker, Callie is a standard pink squid, but with her signature pupils and eyelash-like points on top of her eye markings. When you first scan the amiibo, the character may note that you’re not quite fresh enough to get their rewards. Rescan it after winning some Turf War games and you’ll get the shoes. After winning more Turf War games, you’ll get the top, and then the headgear. Cap'n Cuttlefish's Theme• Octo Valley• Eight-Legged Advance• Tentacular Circus• Cephaloparade• Inkstrike Shuffle• Octoling Rendezvous• Octoweaponry• I am Octavio• Calamari Inkantation• Maritime Memory• Onward!• SPLAT!• Sunken Scroll

The Squid Sisters amiibo allow the user to view concerts in the plaza, similar to a Splatfest. The three reskinned amiibo have the same behavior as their original counterparts. The challenge trees are shared between the original and reskinned amiibo. Callie's hair bang appears to be white underneath, as shown in the Show No Mercy! vs. Focus on Healing promotional art; however, this detail is not present in her in-game model.

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On 11 February 2018, amiibo figures for Pearl and Marina were announced. They were released on 13 July 2018.

During a Splatfest, any part of Callie's appearance that is normally pink changes to match the color of her Splatfest team, including the ends of her tentacles. This represents her normal ink color, as seen in her amiibo figure and squid form in Super Mario Maker and Miitomo.An important note to her character heavily implied in the relationship chart is that Callie could have willingly gone to the Octarians as a way to escape her life as a celebrity. In her relationship chart with DJ Octavio, they seem to have an ongoing conversation of Callie joining the Octarians with her saying "OK, fine. I'll hear you out". She's also shown to have no resentment towards the Octarians after or before being brainwashed by some of her dialogue in Splatoon 2 (and again in the relationship chart). Splatoon amiibo can also be used in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity once a day with a limit of five amiibo figures per day to earn weapons or items. In the Japanese version of Splatoon 2, Callie's speech while she is brainwashed is entirely rendered in katakana, like DJ Octavio. In Japanese media, katakana is used to display a foreign language or an accent of some sort. This implies that Callie is speaking Octarian. After Marie hits Callie with her low-tide ink, she begins to regain her ability to speak normally. During the Inkopolis Live concert at Tokaigi 2018, Callie briefly speaks in katakana as a joke. [2] While brainwashed, Callie becomes ruthless and power-hungry and uses cruel jokes, even referring to her cousin Marie as "grandma". This is a reference to the final Splatfest announcement dialogue, where Callie said to Marie "You and your gray hair are going down, grandma!". In Splatoon 3, some Inkling amiibo have the wrong eye colors. Inkling (Yellow) has plain yellow eyes (Row 1, Column 3), instead of having the one with an orange ring around it (Row 3, Column 4), the Splatoon 2 Inkling Girl has the eye color used on Octoling (Blue) (Row 3, Column 5), instead of her pink eyes (Row 1, Column 6), and the Splatoon 1 Inkling girl has red eyes (Row 1, Column 5) instead of her Orange eyes (Row 1, Column 4). On the right side of her head is a pink and white hat resembling ika sōmen—a squid sashimi dish from Japan—on top of a shiso leaf. The sashimi can be seen briefly flying off when she jumps, as it only rests on top of her head.

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