Coming Out as Amber (Forced Feminization Stories)

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Coming Out as Amber (Forced Feminization Stories)

Coming Out as Amber (Forced Feminization Stories)

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In his two centuries as Head of the Magnus Institute and leader of the Cult of Beholding, Jonah has never encountered something like Jonathan Sims. I wore dainty pink nighties to sleep, and it was understood that in the morning, I remain in my nighty. Mistress walked around the house in frumpy sweats if she wanted, but I was to remain in my sissy nighty. When I leant in to kiss him on the sofa he froze like a shop window mannequin. Even when I slid my hand up his leg he remained inert. I stopped and asked him if he was alright, because, I said, I would get as much of a response from a china doll.

Then she begins to move. I always need to cum before she is ready. It is understood that I'll tell her, "You're about to make me cum!" It seems that this day she was taking her little baby girl; all dressed up cute, and adorable, in her best party dress for a special ride. They ended up at this well to do townhouse complex. She stopped the van in the drive way out side of a nice looking townhouse. She beeped the horn twice & the garage door opened so she could pull in. once inside the garage door closed behind her. She got out and came around to the side of the van to open the sliding door and released her new baby from the car seat. She whispered a word in his ear, and he started to act like a 2 -year-old little girl, who talked with a really bad lisp. As she got her baby out of the car seat he grabbed his dolly and asked mommy, do I look really cute mommy? His mommy told him oh yes dear you are the cutest baby girl ever. To which the husband, who was now acting like a little 2 year-old-girl giggles and clapped her hands happily. The wife had her new baby turn around so she could attach a long pink leash, as she let the baby out of the van. She reached over and placed his large adult size penis pacifier hanging on a ribbon from his dress in his mouth. Then she had him walk over to kitchen door entrance in the garage and ring the bell. You are going to be my own sissy slave, pet, and a toy," she continues while she walks to her bed and sits on it to watch me but her clothes on. I feel embarrassed again, but at the same time, weirdly aroused by the new turn of events. There," she said. "That should be a little more comfortable for the time being. I don't want you to get used to this though. I will be mostly using rope and tape and a few other ingenious little devices, but for today I will use these cuffs. Just one more thing and we can get started. I need you blindfolded. This won't be a normal thing but just for today." Chris began to struggle - to no avail. Theresa slowly sipped her wine. Chris occasionally glanced up at her to gauge the seriousness of her intent. He was met with a gaze of stone.a servicio de sus amos cybertroniano, pero el destino lo une a Mirage un noble que se prendó de la existencia The matter was of especial significance to Chris because he realized that the woman, who had been recently released, lived quite close by - he recognized her when he went to the local supermarket. Her name was Theresa and he couldn't get her out of his mind!

Yes Mistress," I replied. I liked the idea, until of course, after I came, then I did not want to sleep in my bra and panties. Nonetheless, her threat loomed; I remain tied up until I surrender. There was no resistance. From that point, my sissy attire became a bigger player in my sissification. I have also noticed how you look at me, stare at my ass and breasts when you think that I won't notice. Well, I did," Julie tells me. I concentrated on my needs, turning myself on while I humiliated him. "You played it all shy... pretending you didn't like being all girly... but look at you now." The lacy straps settled on his shoulders as I tugged down the silky bodice. "Now you'll let me take care of everything."I'm sorry for my absence, but I have been hit hard by life with my day job now asking more of me. My grandmother was hospitalized nearly three weeks ago. I also got into an argument with my fiancé over our new home.

Noah en su primer encuentro y decide convertirlo en Conjux Endura aun contra los deseos de Noah. Language: Español Words: 8,838 Chapters: 7/? Comments: 12 Kudos: 25 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 569 You do look demure, darling, but I know you can take this." I thrust in my finger deeply, twisting it on its way out and adding a second for the next round. After his 1789 meeting with the Stranger, Hob Gadling realizes he needs to make some changes to his life; Namely, how he makes a living. Leaving behind the East India Trading Company, Hob sets out on the high seas in an attempt to make reparations. Along the way he’ll find new friends, adventure, and encounter beings Hob, more than anyone else, should know don’t just belong in fairy tales. Language: English Words: 32,314 Chapters: 11/? Comments: 81 Kudos: 104 Bookmarks: 31 Hits: 1,892

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The spanking stopped and everything was quiet again except for some slight rustling. I guess I didn't understand why my wife thought I needed to be restrained for this. I would submit to this willingly anytime she wanted. There had to be something else. She did mention that she didn't think I would like whatever I was going to find out so there was clearly more coming. What Chris did not know was that this woman recognized the voice on the phone and that he himself would soon become the subject of another, darker fantasy - Theresa's. Chris felt afraid and ashamed to be helpless and feminized. Theresa began asking questions about his sexuality. Chris could not lie to her -- he was quaking inside and couldn't think straight. He was afraid that she would spot a lie immediately -- she was so very clever. Shortly thereafter Sara came in the room and seemed amused that I was squirming around on the bed. "Ahh, that's so cute baby. I love to see you wiggling, but you aren't going to get free." she remarked as she set on the bed and brushed the hair out of my face. She kissed me lightly on the cheek. "I hope you slept okay. I figured it might be hard for you to sleep so I let you sleep in a little longer this morning. But, you're up now and we need to get started."

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